Health has always been a topic of all times. And with more comfort and life easy making gadgets, our lives have become physically lazier.

Thus, health is an issue in today’s era.

Why Should we stay Healthy, because

  1. Better Memory and Concentration
  2. Better Body Shape and Strenght
  3. More active and agile
  4. Better Immunity

And many many more. So how to stay healthy?

First, we need to understand the word HEALTH

Health comprises of

1. Wellbeing

2. Diet

3. Fitness

4. Sleep

5. Meditation

Now let’s understand these terms


What is wellbeing? It is having a stable mind state, and one of the most important necessity for it is a good time management.

It’s difficult to manage time, with so many deadlines to meet; as today it’s not just professional deadlines but also other aspects.

The biggest cause of stress today is lack of good sleep. If your time management is good, you’ll have time to sleep.


People ignore diet, eat WHATEVER is available. Diet is not only having timely meals, but also the ingredients on your food plate do matter.

The healthier the food is, the merrier you’ll be. How many different kinds of fruits do you intake, how much water do you intake a day?

“You know, I just manage to drink five glasses every day.” That’s not only a good statement but also will have bad effects on health, water is something most basic and you should have it in the right quantity


“No!!!! Waking up early in the morning? NOT POSSIBLE.”

Though it’s always better choice to workout in morning, but it isn’t necessary to workout in mornings only, workout can be in the evening, or even at night before sleep, but workout regularly, that’s more important.

Today, there many fitness centres, helping you improve fitness through different kind of exercise style and patterns. Fitness also does help you live a more active life.


Sleep is a necessity for wellbeing of the body and the mind. Six to Eight hours of good sleep is necessary for a normal human being. NOT MORE ALSO!! Plus, the posture of sleep is also important. Improper postures lead muscle stiffness and aches.

And last but not the least!!


As Physical Fitness, even Mental Fitness is also very important. The only the best way of exercising your mind  is meditation. One key attitude common among the many successful business tycoons, artists, athletes is meditation.

Do you know the book by the name?

“A Monk who sold his Ferrari”

The author of the book, ‘Robin Sharma’ also does emphasize on meditation and the book too explains the importance of meditation.

It’s not just me but the great leaders also do recommend it.

In my articles/posts, I go deep into each of these aspects and give more in-depth knowledge and ways to start implementing these into your daily life. So stay tune and join me to make this life a fruitful and merrier one.

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